Marin Spine & Sports, Marin's Premier Sports Injury Center



Interdisciplinary Care

At Marin Spine and Sports, we understand that no two cases are alike, and our comprehensive approach to treatment is reflected in the range of services we offer.

We create individual treatment plans specific to your condition and need, integrating various tools and techniques in order to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. The services we offer compliment each other to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of treatment and keep costs down.

Whether you need acute care for a new injury or a rehabilitative plan for a chronic condition, we are confident in our capacity to get you on the road to a self-sufficient and pain-free life.

We offer the following services:

Active Release Technique (ART)

A technique that uses movement and pressure to break up scar tissue, relieving a range of pain sources and healing soft tissue injuries.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Treatment

Modern sports therapy for athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Laser Therapy

Laser that regenerates damaged tissue and stimulates healing, effectively treating a range of conditions from migraines to arthritis.